Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Finance

Nearly 70% of Indians own a health insurance policy or are a dependent in a health insurance policy. In 2021 alone, the number of Mediclaim reimbursements applied for crossed 58 lakh cases with an amount of over INR 17,900 Cr. Despite all the above, nearly 1 in 5 Indian borrowers, seek help or sell off assets to pay medical bills. Keeping the above in mind, most policy holders, irrespective of the policy they hold, need to have liquidity at the time of discharge to settle their medical bill. There is thus a clear gap where patients need funds from the time being discharged and receiving the reimbursement claim from their insurance company. This is the gap we aim to fill.


Via our Healthcare Partner’s, our Healthcare Financing Product seeks to help the policy holder meet this short-term liquidity requirement and allows the policy holder or his dependents receive the health care they need without having to worry about finance at the time when they need it most.


Monedo extends the facility to the borrowers and maximum time period for same is 120 days.

Loan Amount

Upto Rs. 30 Lakhs

Loan Tenure

Bullet Payment

Interest Rate


Processing Fees

5% to 15% one-time + Applicable taxes