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The culture in Monedo is conductive to growth and performance! Monedo encourages collaborative communication, steadfast leadership, and mutual trust.

Life at Monedo is an un-interrupted journey of learning and development. Employees are encouraged to question the status quo and offer solutions to constantly evolve as a business.


Leaders at Monedo have an open-door policy and promote transparency and real conversations. A quintessential Interactive, vibrant, and prolific environment is what Monedo offers for all! 


So come join us for a rewarding experience. 


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Employee Testimonials

Smitha Kapadia Manager - Operations

As a manager, it is most important to be approachable and be a good listener, this is the precise trait I have seen in the leaders at Monedo. They communicate clearly. Managing Operations is quite a challenge, however it is indeed a fruitful one.

Hanmant Birajdar Senior Executive - Operations

The culture in this place is the biggest motivator. I have a supportive manager and an extremely helpful team. A supportive work environment is crucial for growth and I am glad to be a part of it at my workplace!

Asif Salmani Senior Executive - Collections

The leadership at Monedo is the best example of collaboration! I mean, one can easily reach their leaders to voice their perspectives and ideas and they will be heard! This is what brings me to work everyday. I'm glad to be a part of Team Monedo.

Sudarshan Kulal Senior Executive - Credit & Risk

I began my journey with Monedo as an intern in operations and got the opportunity to move to Credit and Underwriting. It has been a great journey with a gamut of new aspects of lending that I have been fortunate to experience.

Sayali Godkar Intern - Customer Service & HR

I am glad I decided to join Monedo for my internship in Human Resources & Customer Services. Monedo is truly dedicated to their people and performance. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of my role.

Sagar Rathod Manager - Credit & Risk

The journey from a Executive to a Manager at Monedo has been phenomenal. I appreciate the guidance and mentorship that has helped me be a better Manager. I feel valued for my work and engaged with the Business.